September 29th: Pluto stations Direct

Since April 20th the energy that represents transformation, decay, and soul renewal; Pluto, has been in a state of internal review. Pluto retrograde operates more deeply than usual - bringing about inner illumination and changes before it can be revealed and take form in the outer world.   Pluto stations direct at 16 degrees of Capricorn.

Pluto rules soul growth through painful and challenging experiences as Pluto often forces evolution and growth.  Pluto is not polite, he destroys what is no longer necessary clearing the way for a more evolved path, paradigm and spiritual growth.  After a Pluto transit you often need time and distance to gain perspective and meaning. Karmic debt falls under Pluto's domain as does the subconscious mind, unions, taxes, estates, systems in a state of decay, insurance, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, countries ruled by Scorpio are:  Angola, Morocco, Queensland, Korea, Syria, Norway, the Transvaal, Bavaria, Antigua, Barbuda, Cambodia, Dominica, Latvia, Lebanon, Micronesia, Panama, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Zambia.

Cities ruled by Scorpio are:  Cincinnati, Liverpool, Newcastle, Washington DC, Baltimore and New Orleans.

Pluto is a collective energy and we watch the transpersonal planets to understand larger themes in the world.  Pluto represents soul renewal and regeneration and is an extremely powerful force when directed in a positive manner.  When challenged and in crisis you reach for deeper understanding and ideally, a higher vision of potential in your personal life and the collective.

The higher vision requires the right use of action to create necessary change and to respond to the need for rebirth and equality driven bounty for all (Aquarian Age). 

Pluto direct in Capricorn signifies shifts, challenges and changes in Power ~

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