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Jean Wiley

Over the past two decades Jean Wiley has worked with over 2,500 clients - executives, professionals, artists, business owners, domestic engineers, doctors, therapists, creatives, intuitives and people from all walks of life through the process of transformation.

She specializes in working with people during times of transition. Clients say a session with her is highly personalized, multidimensional, accurate and often life changing.

She is a published author and has made numerous appearances on television, radio and on stage in the East Coast.

Not only does she work one on one with clients, but she also provides both New and Full Moon Soul Notes as well as Monthly Growth promoting videos on YouTube.

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"Thank you for the session on September 25th. I have listened to the recording several times and have been so satisfied with your guidance and advice. I'm in such a time of transition, it was so nice to benefit from your spiritual and astrological gifts. Thank you so much."

Pat (2017)

"In the short time we have worked together you have proven to be a respectful, open, honest, direct and extremely helpful business guide and mentor. Your talents, knowledge and care for clients are un-matched by anyone in your field. It’s truly a pleasure working with you!"

Robert (2016)

"I received a reading from you back in August. At the time it didn't resonate with me. Since then so many things have unfolded that upon re-listening to the session my mind is blown! You are truly gifted. Thank you again for your wonderful reading."

Rachell (2017)